viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Una clase de Análisis de redes sociales avanzado usando R y Statnet

Goudreau-Hunter tutorial on Advanced Social Network Analysis Using R and statnet

Below are the videos for the Goudreau-Hunter tutorial on social network analysis using R. Note that this tutorial was recorded on five tapes of about one hour each, hence the five videos below.

"Advanced Social Network Analysis Using R and statnet"
Steve Goodreau and David Hunter
This workshop will introduce the use of the R statistical computing platform (via the statnet software suite) for statistical modeling of social network data. Topics covered include the use of exponential random graph (ERG or p*) models for representing structural hypotheses, model parameterization, simulation and inference, degeneracy checking, and goodness-of-fit assessment. Although a short "refresher" will be provided, some prior exposure to R and standard network analytic methods is strongly recommended.
For more information, please see the workshop web page, or our project home page .

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