martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Como visualizar tu red de amigos de Facebook

How to: visualize the network of your friends on Facebook

Here I will teach you how to visualize the network of mutual friendship among your Facebook friends using a simple online tool called FriendsGraph.

First of all you will need to access the FriendsGraph website: and login using your Facebook account. You will be asked to allow the application to access the list of your friends but don't worry, it's just needed to build the network.

Now you are almost ready to visualize your network. FriendsGraph will take up to a couple of minutes to compute the connections among your friends, in the meantime you will be presented some interesting facts related to your friends.

After approximately one minute you will be able to explore your network of friends. You can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel or the bar on the bottom left of the screen. Clicking on a friends will highlight the sub-network of common friendship and display a picture of him/her. The search bar at the top of the screen can be used to search for a particular friend within your network.

The application has another very interesting feature: as you have noticed, FriendsGraph assign to each node (friend) a color based on a community-detection algorithm and a position based on the connections with the other nodes (friends). This means that your friends which belong to the same "social group" are more likely to be near and to be of the same color.

Are you able to distinguish the different groups among your friends and give a name to them?
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