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ARS: Escándalo de hackeo de teléfonos en UK

Phone-hacking scandal: Who's linked to who?
How are three prime ministers, two top police officers, a media mogul, a clutch of journalists and a private investigator paid to eavesdrop on high-profile people connected? The story of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal has revealed a web of links between senior figures within politics, the police and the media. Click through the chapters below to find out how the key players' lives are intertwined.

 Hacking reveals power network
The web of connections on the right shows the key people involved in the phone-hacking story and how their professional and social lives are linked.
Read how the story developed by clicking on the arrows above. As each person's professional and personal connections are revealed, the web builds up into a complex network of relationships.

Note: The links shown are all those reported in BBC News stories relating to the phone-hacking scandal and appear at the time they were revealed. Other connections may exist. All those arrested as part of the police investigation into hacking up to 13 September 2011 are included, but not all arrests in the related investigation into allegations of inappropriate payments to police appear. 


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